Goat Rampage 2.0 Adult Junior 21 inch Tennis Racquet

$39.99 $49.95

Goat Sports designs robust 21 inch adult racquets with features to withstand the rigors of professional touchtennis. This is not a junior racquet afterthought! Instead, it is designed from the ground up as an adult performance 21 inch racquet. The Goat Rampage 2.0 is more powerful and has a larger sweet spot than the original Goat Rampage 85 model. A larger beam for more power. A Shaft Stabilizer for greater feel. And of course a performance grip worthy of the best racquets in the world!

20 mm beam for increased power and stability

85 square inch head size

195 g strung

Shaft Stabilizer for greater feel and control

Extra Long 6 1/2 inch handle