GOAT Racquet

“I wanted a racquet that I didn’t have to modify in any way when I play. To take something out of the wrapper and just start dictating play. And I wanted one that looked good. In colours that an adult would use. Not multi coloured toddlers racquets! And this is it. If you want to earn GOAT status, you need to use the Rampage edition. The perfect all-courters racquet”

- Rashid Ahmad, The G.O.A.T.
Winner of 20 Slams (supposedly) 
The all new GOAT Racquet.
The only racquet certified officially by touchtennis
  • Designed for the all-court attacking player
  • The first 21 inch racquet to be made for adult use
  • Long lasting and comfortable grip 
  • Lightweight and maneuverable for fast paced rallies 
  • Beam height of only 19mm 
  • Can be strung at 20kgs / 44 lbs tension